Stefan Batory Foundation Institutional Grant

We perform our activities in the fields of integration and education of refugees/migrants and counteracting discrimination. For the last nine years we have been broadening our knowledge and experience in these areas, and have grown convinced that the future of our Association is inseparably connected with the work “with and for” the groups in question and the local community. For the last several years we have been developing the cooperation with our international partners – in order to increase the effectiveness of our activities. Being able to reach out to both target groups has allowed us to utilise the funds professionally and effectively.

The Grant has allowed us to perform activities in three areas:

  • guaranteeing the undisrupted functioning of our Association: through the work of the coordinator, the accountant and Data Protection Officer;
  • promotional activities and expenses: allocating funds in the professionally-designed web site, providing thorough and up-to-date information on current projects and activities realised by the Association. This area includes creating a video clip and advertising materials, as well as an attempt to professionalise the fund raising from private sponsors and organisations. Employing a professional fundraiser has allowed us to open a new chapter in the history of our Association and become independent of grant funding;
  • activities on behalf of refugees and the host society: providing refugees with psychological and language support has aimed to counteract discrimination, promote their process of integration by sharing the cultural knowledge (meetings for men and older boys). An equally important part of our activities concerns organising classes for foreigners and meetings with local community members. The latter provided the local host community members with an ideal opportunity to break the ice of stereotypical presuppositions and often for the first time to meet the refugees face to face.
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