Our Culture and Tradition, What Can We Say?

As part of the project “Our Culture and Tradition, What Can We Say?”,  we carried out a series of activities at the Centre for Foreigners and at School No. 5 in Łuków, which is attended by more or less 60 refugee children.

During the school holidays we organised at the Centre for Foreigners intensive summer courses of Polish as a foreign language for school starters and educational workshops for pre-school children containing elements of Polish culture and tradition, which were conducted by Magdalena Kawa and Natalia Jarosz.

The integration drama workshops were carried out in collaboration with our friends from the Kielce-based the Actor and Puppet Theatre “Kubuś” (Teatr Lalki i Aktora “Kubuś”) at the SP No. 5. The group of participants consisted of 15 Polish children and 15 children from the Centre aged 7-14.

The final act of the summer holiday face of the project was the three-day trip to Krakow for older children and their mothers from the Centre. To an extent the trip was possible to arrange with the help of crowdfunding via  Zrzutka.pl portal.

After the summer, we brought to life in the Centre a dance group (run by Elżbieta Rojek) and a music group (run by Tomasz Kozdraj), consisting of foreign children who will represent the school in various performances.

The project also involved the preparation of teaching materials for compulsory primary school subjects for the teachers from Primary School No. 5 in Łuków, who had been working with children from the nearby Centre for Foreigners for several years.

The project was documented with a camera, and the “making-of” video is and will be an important keepsake for the participants.

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