Our Lublin-Our Home – II

Our Lublin-Our Home – II” was a continuation of the project started in 2017 as part of the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of Lublin receiving its City Charter. The Project participants could choose from a selection of vocal, music and ethnic workshops in four, five-hour cycles. The vocal workshops were conducted by Elżbieta Rojek, the music workshops – Tomasz Kozdraj, and the ethnic ones were conducted by four representatives of ethnic and national minorities or migrants whose lives became intertwined with the tissue of the multicultural City of Lublin.

The preliminary stage of the project involved recruiting participants among the students of the University of the Third Age in Lublin – keen to develop their artistic skills. During each cycle the group learned songs related to a given culture, through participation in musical, vocal and ethnic workshops. Each series of meetings was concluded with recording the backing vocal sections for the songs. As part of the ethnic workshop, four meetings took place during the summer holidays in the auditorium of the University of Life Sciences. All these activities constituted the first stage of the project.

In the second stage, we recorded the songs with musicians representing cultures explored in the workshops  and Polish musicians. For each song we used the backing vocals recorded during the earlier workshops. We invited musicians who live or create in Lublin: Symcha Keller – representing the Jewish culture, a Syrian – Assef Sallom, Ukrainians – Marian Kril and Olga Maciupa, a Belarusian – Aleksandr Atanasow.

The end result of the project was the release of the music CD. The project was promoted on social media, on YouTube and on this website.

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