The Dla Ziemi Association was established in 1955 by people from different towns and cities who feel responsible for the future of the region, and who share a common commitment to this beautiful and hospitable part of Lublin district – Lubartów. Together, we are are engaged in a variety of artistic, educational and social activities that connect these neighbouring villages.

Completed projects:


    1. The project "Europe without borders" conducted within the community of Kamionka, thanks to the grants given by the Office of the Committee for European Integration.
    2. The project "Creative summer holidays" conducted thanks to the grant of Rural Development Foundation under the programme "Useful summer holidays".
    3. The project "Patrons and lovers of culture, a series of Sunday meetings with art," funded by the Rural Development Foundation and the Stefan Batory Foundation in the framework of "Culture in the provinces."
    4. The project "Eyes Wide Open - Women and Democracy" funded by the Women's Environments Information Centre "Ośka".


    1. The project "What it means to live in a society? - Human rights as part of social life." funded by the European Youth Foundation in Strasbourg.
    2. The project for youth exchange implemented under the programme "Youth" - Action 1 - "Youth Exchanges".
    3. The project, entitled "Art and theatre society - our way to make our dreams come true," funded by the programme "Youth" - Action 3 - "Youth Initiatives".
    4. Meeting of the Rural Network Active Communities and a mini-festival WAS funded by the Rural Development Foundation and the Foundation of Stefan Bator Foundation in the framework of "Culture in the provinces."


    2. The project "Together for a clean community" - funded by the County Office of the town of Lubartów and the Municipal Office of Kamionka.
    3. The project "Other, means interesting", donation of Phare programme for "Strengthening anti-discrimination policy."
    4. The project "Lest you forget, the integration of the arts" implemented within the PZU Foundation grant and the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland in the "INTEGRATING GENERATIONS" programme.
    5.The project "Living in the countryside does not mean to have fewer opportunities" grant under the program "Equal Opportunities - 2005" Polish Children and Youth Foundation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.


    1. The project "Following the traces of the most beautiful fairy tales", funded by the Rural Development Foundation under the programme "Useful holidays".
    2.Workcamp in Bratnik - 16-29 July.
    3. The project "Youth Social Chronicles" financed by the Fund for Civic Initiatives Programme by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Conducted: October-December 2006.
    4. Ecological Association "For the Earth" in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Lubartów had the honour to invite to join the project "Around the Roof of the World - culture and human rights", co-funded by the Foundation for Education for Democracy within the programme for foreign assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006.


    1. The project "Closer to the stars - Professor Wolszczan once lived in a small town ..." the grant awarded under the Foundation Programme of the PZU "Enriching the educational offer in rural areas and small towns." Conducted: September 2006 - July 2007
    2. The project: "Between us - the generations, that is between the Earth and the Stars" funded by the Foundation of the PZU and the Academy for Development of Philanthropy in Poland. Conducted: November 2006 - September 2007
    3. The project "Health education in Golok Toe", financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the programme "Foreign Aid 2007" Conducted June - December 2007.
    4. The project "Akademia bębniarska" is co-financed from the funds received from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy under the Governmental Program - Civic Initiatives Fund. Conducted: July-December 2007.


    1. Voluntary Service in 2008.
    2. The project "Issues in Asia and the realization of the Millennium Development Goals, based on selected countries" was implemented into the competition "Developmental Education" of Education for Democracy Foundation and was co-financed within the framework of Polish aid programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in 2008. - September - December 2008.


    1. A FOREIGNER? Getting closer. Chechen childhood. 2010
    2. Informal group of young people the "SZUM".
    3. Ili which is the song. Within the project Illi, which is the song and youth Chechen - Polish, theatre there were organised theatre workshops, and workshops of singing and music, led by actresses - Elżbieta Rojek and Katarzyna Tadeusz as well as Tomasz Kozdraj.
    4. Organic waste. Life after life.
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