The Dla Ziemi Association was established in 1955 by people from different towns and cities who feel responsible for the future of the region, and who share a common commitment to this beautiful and hospitable part of Lublin district – Lubartów. Together, we are are engaged in a variety of artistic, educational and social activities that connect these neighbouring villages.

Ewa Kozdraj
- Chairman

Iwas born in Łodź  in the turbulent year 1968, when the student revolution gripped many countries in the world. I’ve lived for over 20 years in the Lubartów area, not only because of the beautiful landscape, but for the people who live here. Our dream had been to create  eco-villages as a contrast to the life under communism.  In our efforts to succeed, we have tried to revive, promote and stimulate the activities of the people and the place we fell in love with. The social  activities of  our organization are an important part of making my life better while making a contribuiton to the bettering the lives of others. It’s a great combination!

Nicole Grospierre - Słomińska - Secretary

My name is Nicole and I am French. I have lived in Poland for over 30 years. I live in a village. Here, I established roots and gave birth to my children. My house has been built by my husband Słoma.  I am deeply in love with the land I live on. I keep admiring the beauty of our Planet. Ever since I've been living here, I have tried to restore harmony and balance within and around me (with a sometimes different result!). I am engaged in the eco-villages movement GEN. I am a distributer of  Positive News which is now in the magazines "World Vegetarian", "EMECHO" and on the Internet). I have worked on the  cooperation between the village of Kamionka and the French commune of Gourin. I promote and sell EM - Effective Microorganisms.  Recently, I realised  I felt  like the main character of an excellent Polish cartoon story “Fruwalki”, which I read to my children a lot! In the story there is an aunt called Fru-bęc, who saves the world with homemade syrup...... Living here is a lot like that!!!!

Elżbieta Rojek

I was born in Krasnystaw. I grew up in the villages of Żółkiewka and Wierzchowiny. In spite of the fact that I lived in many towns, I feel that I am a village girl. I have studied Ukrainian philology and thanks to my longtime work I am an actress and vocalist. Taking up social activity was an answer to a natural need to help the others. Social and artistic activities complement each other perfectly.


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Krzysztof Grzegorczyk
Kacper Pęczuła
Elżbieta Pęczuła

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