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First film workshops on stop motion led by Natalia Jarosz and Kosma Kozdraj

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“Our craze for the kite daze” is a partner project conducted by “Dla Ziemi” Association and Władysław Sikorski Primary School No. 5 in Łuków, co-funded within the Orange Academy Programme organized by Orange Foundation under the patronage of TV Master and Wspólnota Publishing. The aim of the project is an integration of children and youth from both Polish and refugee environments through actions based on cultural education: common kites designing and building in a form of art workshops, making preparations for the Kite Festival – a big media event taking place in Łuków as well as participating in film workshops available in three variants: - computer animation Flipbook – creating a Multimedia Map of Łuków, a few seconds long film notepads about kites, places in Łuków to fly a kite and other interesting sights in the neighborhood; - production of virals and documentaries using mobile phones about the creation of kites; - stop motion workshops (modeling clay animation, paper cut, drawing, pixilation) including informative films on kite’s creation, history and legends.

All films will be available on-line. An Educational Platform will be established in order to facilitate access to all information concerning kites, their creation, photos and films, as well as workshop programmes and materials used under the Creative Commons license, free of charge to the public.

The project is being executed within the Orange Academy Programme.

During the winter break (27-30.01) first Educational Platform based workshops were conducted in Primary School No. 5 in Łuków.
Under the supervision of:
Małgorzata Ławecka
Bożena Sobiech
Ewa Redzik
and Jerzy Kołodyński, the school youth worked on a couple of workshops topics.

You can see the results of their work by clicking the link below.
Login: gosc
Password: gosc

All news are also available on the website of the Orange Academy:


Materials which can be found on the project’s website are available under the Creative Commons license. Attribution: 3.0 Poland. Certain rights reserved for “Dla Ziemi” Society. Making use of the materials is permitted provided that all information, including information concerning the license used, right owners and Orange Academy programme is included. The full license is available on the Creative Commons website:

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Projekt "Nasz latawcowy zawrót głowy" realizowany jest w ramach Akademii Orange



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