The Dla Ziemi Association was established in 1995 by people from different towns and cities who feel responsible for the future of the region, and who share a common commitment to this beautiful and hospitable part of Lublin district – Lubartów. Together, we are are engaged in a variety of artistic, educational and social activities that connect these neighbouring villages.

The project “STRANGERS? Growing closer together” is continuously executed since 2009 by Association for “For the Earth” (the whole first year of cooperation on the basis of partnership and Homo Faber Association, as well as throughout the whole term of project execution cooperating on the basis of partnership with The Office for Foreigners) envisages multiple activities aimed at foreigners residing in centers in Łuków and Leonów (after liquidation of the centre, the association shifted their activity to Lublin), as well as aimed at the Polish local community.

Obcy? Zbliżenia


Our craze for the kite daze” is a partner project conducted by “Dla Ziemi” Association and Władysław Sikorski Primary School No. 5 in Łuków, co-funded within the Orange Academy Programme organized by Orange Foundation under the patronage of TV Master and Wspólnota Publishing. The aim of the project is an integration of children and youth from both Polish and refugee environments through actions based on cultural education: common kites designing and building in a form of art workshops, making preparations for the Kite Festival – a big media event taking place in Łuków as well as participating in film workshops available in three variants: - computer animation Flipbook – creating a Multimedia Map of Łuków, a few seconds long film notepads about kites, places in Łuków to fly a kite and other interesting sights in the neighborhood; - production of virals and documentaries using mobile phones about the creation of kites; - stop motion workshops (modeling clay animation, paper cut, drawing, pixilation) including informative films on kite’s creation, history and legends.

All films will be available on-line. An Educational Platform will be established in order to facilitate access to all information concerning kites, their creation, photos and films, as well as workshop programmes and materials used under the Creative Commons license, free of charge to the public.

The project is being executed within the Orange Academy Programme.

During the winter break (27-30.01) first Educational Platform based workshops were conducted in Primary School No. 5 in Łuków.
Under the supervision of:
Małgorzata Ławecka
Bożena Sobiech
Ewa Redzik
and Jerzy Kołodyński, the school youth worked on a couple of workshops topics.

You can see the results of their work by clicking the link below.
Login: gosc
Password: gosc

All news are also available on the website of the Orange Academy: www.akademiaorange.pl/projects/film/0/info/Nasz_latawcowy_zawrot_glowy/


The voice of women” project is a series of educational and cultural activities aimed at counteracting hate speech, discrimination, and acts of intolerance in the areas of Lublin region in the vicinity of refugee centres.

The projects focuses around women-refugees, who have been forced to flee from the countries of their origin and begin anew in Poland. Our goal is to inspire them to social activity. Their experiences will provide an invaluable insight into the cultures and religions of their countries. It is our firm belief that encountering other cultures challenges stereotypes, helps to understand the unfamiliar and the unknown, prevents discrimination and hate speech.

The project comprises an array of activities addressed to various groups of recipients. Wohyń, Milanów, Łuków and Lublin will be the main venues. We will organise a conference and workshops for teachers and refugees. 2015 will see the commencement of a series of meeting in Women’s Clubs run in many towns in Lublin region, which will provide an opportunity for Polish and refugee women to integrate and socialise. Workshops for high school students conducted by women-refugees will be crowned by students’ attempt to design the “Peace Village”. Middle school students assisted by Dariusz Paczkowski from Klamra Foundation will create murals, whereas primary school pupils will stage theatre plays. An accompanying internet social campaign will include, e.g. a film and a radio documentary. In addition, an internet publication will be issued.

An essential part of our project is to draw on the experience of our partners, Norwegian People’s Aid, who have been active in the area of refugee integration and counteracting discrimination for years.

  • Save Polish seeds

    The aim of the project is to prevent the release of GMOs to the market. Within the project we organize informational campaigns, manifestations and happenings in order to raise awareness of the danger which the introduction of GMOs can have on agriculture. On the 17th of December in Lubartów, a group of 200 people who participated in Culture and Nature feast , said NO to the devastation of Polish traditional and ecological agriculture.


    We citizens

    The Association "Dla ziemi" became the local partner of the Association "Obywatele obywatelom" based in Łódź, within the project "MY Obywatele", co-financed by the Swiss program of partnership and Member States of the European Union. Throughout the project we will expand local networks of social organizations by involving them in cooperative actions, and planning joint projects. The scope of activities covers the region of Lublin. With our actions in the Lubartów district schools we will provide a series of civic workshops about: "Analysis of civic defiance on the basis of history e.g.: Marvin Heemeyer (citizen-government conflict), and Percy Schmeiser (citizen-corporation conflict)". The aim of those workshops is to demonstrate civic attitudes, encourage people to think, and involve students in social matters. The results of the workshops will be the preparation of a happening by the students.

    Our partners (including our local partner) are :
  • Association "Akcja Konin" - www.akcjakonin.plb
  • Association "My Poznaniacy" – www.my-poznaniacy.org
  • Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe – www.iri-europe.org
  • Mehr Demokratie from Germany – www.mehr-demokratie.de

    The aim of our project is to promote a participatory model of democracy through mobilizing society through a bottom-up association and work for local communities. We want to point out the opportunities of dealing with local issues by self-organization and self-help in the form of associations. Within the project we will provide information about direct democracy and other forms of participation in governance and the formation of social order. The main objective of our two-year project is to mobilize the youth, local groups and social organizations to engage in civic activity, founding of new associations, and joining existing ones. In our activities we are going to popularize the idea of associations in Poland through the "My Obywatele" network.


    Message in a bottle

    The project "Message in a bottle" is a study on the potential of water as an element of beauty and life as well as conflict and disturbance. "Message in a bottle" provides a creative atmosphere for trainers who work with youth and for young Europeans. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the widespread dynamics of this paradox in Europe in the 21st century. To start this ambitious project, six of the leading European propagators of youth work in extracurricular education, from five countries, cooperated during a weeklong meeting (12 - 19 November 2011) at the University of Queen Mary in London. Together with young people aged from 16 to 25 years, from seven partner countries, and experts of environmental matters and social studies, participants in the meeting investigated, creatively and practically, the breaking down of cultural and geographical boundaries, and how water (or lack of water) affects life. Water will serve as a pretext for an exchange of cultural experiences, to create new dialogues and understand environmental studies. Achievement of new abilities and defining mutual intentions of European citizens were the main targets of the meeting.

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