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    About the association

    The association is focused on:

    • increasing professional knowledge and ecological awareness of the region's society
    • organizing social and cultural events around the association,
    • working towards the development of local democracy,
    • working for the benefit of national minorities and refugees,
    • global and developmental education,
    • international exchanges and foreign relations,
    • promoting anti-discriminatory attitudes and acting for the benefit of human rights,
    • promoting broadly understood politics of the European Union,
    • initiating and supporting social and professional activity of the citizens, especially those from high risk groups or those socially excluded, including among other things the unemployed, the disabled, seniors, women, youth and children, refuges and foreigners.

    The association has been operating for 17 years during which time it has conducted several projects at different scales. These were both UE projects as well as ones sponsored by private foundations and ministries (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy). We have experience in drafting fiches, conducting and settling projects. We conducted projects for both the local community as well as for a wider audience. "Around the Roof of the World – culture and human rights", our project conducted in Lubartów Poviat and in Lublin, was very popular. It was financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the program "Developmental Education" of the Education for Democracy Foundation. In the project, we presented the situation existing in a few Asian states, especially in Tibet. In the abovementioned project, we collaborated with public administration, which means that major events took place in Lubartów, with the approval and support of local authorities. In 2007, we conducted a project which was part of the Polish Foreign Aid 2007. The activities of this project were targeted at the local community of Golok Toe in Tibet (Sichuan Province, China). We were the first Polish non- governmental organization to conduct activities in this part of the world. In Golok Toe, we were the first foreign organization. The project was a huge moral and educational support for the inhabitants of Kham. Since 2009, we have been carrying out, initially as part of The Non-Governmental Organizations Fund, the so called Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the project "STRANGERS? Growing closer together" targeted at refugees from Chechnya and Georgia living in two refugee centers: in Łuków and in Niemce-Leonów and now also in Lublin. It is a partnership project of our organization and the Office for Foreigners. It is currently continued as part of the European Refugee Fund, Program 2011 financed from the EU funds.


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