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    From October 25 through November 2, 2012, a group of 8 persons from our organization, the Stat Ethnographic Museum and the National Heritage Board of Poland made a study visit to Azerbaijan.

    As part of the visit, we conducted the following trainings for the Udi community:

  • managing and organization
  • civil society
  • human rights in the perspective of
  • development cooperation
  • creating a scenario of an ethnographic exhibition
  • translocation of building
  • local project and Local Action Groups
  • drafting projects
  • workshops for school children
  • ethnographic workshops for women
  • stocktaking of collection for future museum
  • the idea of contemporary museum and its usefulness for local community

    Workshops on stocktaking were carried out in three locations selected by the inhabitants of Nij. The locations were discussed, assessed and evaluated in terms of possible use as a seat of a museum/an open-air museum. Participants of the workshop listened to the lecture on managing an organization with great interest.

    Museum workshops made the inhabitants of Nij realize the wealth hidden in their attics and basements (exhibits for the future museum). Interviews and field studies brought together Polish group with the inhabitants of very extensive Nij (13 neighborhoods), especially during fair, visits to households and accompanying in day-to-day errands such as bread baking. We learned that after World War II (which didn’t reach Nij due to the Great Caucasus mountains) in Nij lived Polish women and many people have Polish roots.

    Ethnographic workshops, conducted also in school, enabled establishing contact with a group of active women – teachers, cooperation with whom opens up possibilities to continue activities in Nij. It should be emphasized that women participated in ethnographic workshops and workshops for children. They had the opportunity to touch upon other subjects and discovered the potential of local women (authors of the Udi language handbook for children, painters, women passionate about teaching). The fact that we lived in the countryside brought us together and enabled immediate integration with Udi community and therefore we could expect them to come to our workshops in great numbers.

    During the last day of trainings in Nij, we were visited by Mr Mirosław Wiśniewski from Polish Embassy in Baku. In Baku, the employees of the State Ethnographic Museum established contact with the State Archive and the society’s employees met the representatives of UFUQ-S organization and the society of NUR Teachers. We were also invited to meeting in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland to meet Mr. Michał Łabenda, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland.


    Between 3rd and 9th of August, we had the honor of hosting in Poland the representatives of the Albanian-Udi Christian Community of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Messrs. Robert and Rusłan Mobili and Mr. Rafik Danakari.

    The aim of the study visit, which was part of the project "For the common good. Civic organization trainings in the Udi ethnic minority in Azerbaijan", was to familiarize our Udi partners with the rules of functioning of open-air museums and museums in Poland, methods of archiving collections and the functioning of non-governmental organizations in our territory. The visit had a very tight schedule and its every minute was virtually filled. Under the supervision of Mrs. Justyna Laskowska-Otwinowska and Mr. Zbigniew Olejnik, the guests visited open-air museums in Łowicz and in Sierpc and attended lectures in the State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw. Together with the members of our organization: Krzysztof Grzegorczyk and Tomasz Kozdraj, they learned about the functioning of the Open Air Village Museum in Lublin. Also, due the support of Director of the Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówska – Mr. Krzysztof Kornacki, they learned about the ins and outs of archiving the museum's collection. We managed to organize a short meeting with Mr. Wojciech Gorecki, an expert on Caucasian affairs, who writes about the Udi community in his latest book "Toast za przodków" (A Toast to Ancestors).
    During visit to the seat of our rural organization in the Lublin region, the guests tasted many homemade Polish specials and praised the traditional Polish cuisine. The ambience was warm and friendly and we had lots of toasts. We watched the stars using the association's telescope. We also became acquainted the community's expectations regarding topics of workshops which would be conducted in fall in Nij.
    Everything went according to plan, schedule and our and our guests' expectations to a large extent thanks to our neighbor - a volunteer translator Natalia Sówka.


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