The Dla Ziemi Association was established in 1955 by people from different towns and cities who feel responsible for the future of the region, and who share a common commitment to this beautiful and hospitable part of Lublin district – Lubartów. Together, we are are engaged in a variety of artistic, educational and social activities that connect these neighbouring villages.

The objectives of the Association are:

    1. creating conditions for full implementation, guaranteed by the Polish Constitution, of freedom of association, providing members of the Association, regardless of beliefs, with equal rights to actively participate in public and economic life, ensuring the expression of diverse views and realization of individual interests,
    2. popularization of technologies for sustainable development
    3. raising the level of professional knowledge and community environmental awareness of the region,
    4. taking measures for ethnic minorities and refugees,
    5. global education and developmental education,
    6. international exchanges and contacts with foreign countries,
    7. running business activities according to the rules specified by separate provisions of law,
    8. organizing social and cultural movement around the Association,
    9. local development,
    10. promoting the development of local democracy,
    11. promoting anti-discriminatory attitudes and actions on human rights,
    12. promoting broadly understood European Union policy,
    13. initiating and supporting the social and professional activities of citizens, especially the high-risk groups or the socially excluded, among others: the unemployed, the disabled, seniors, women, youth and children,
    14. initiating and supporting activities in education, culture and sports, especially to those who live in rural areas and small towns,
    15. promoting and organizing voluntary activities,
    16. undertaking educational activities among people in each age category,
Stowarzyszenie Dla Ziemi
Bratnik 5, 21-132 Kamionka
www: www.dlaziemi.org
e-mail: dlaziemi@dlaziemi.org

Ratuj Tybet     
Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone dla Stowarzyszenia Dla Ziemi.
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